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Mine Waste

Innovative Mine Waste Remediation
Mine waste piles dot the landscape of Leadville. These piles are reminders of Leadville’s rich mining past as well as the environmental problems they generate today. CJK Milling is re-imagining mine waste cleanup. Our Colorado company has developed an innovative approach to remove mine waste, extract minerals for beneficial reuse and then restore the land where the mine waste was located. 
Currently in planning and permitting, the operation will be one of the largest, most innovative environmental cleanups of abandoned mine waste ever undertaken in Leadville and could serve as a model for abandoned mine clean-up projects throughout the Colorado high country.
The CJK Milling mine waste remediation process serves as a model for the responsible clean-up and restoration of historic mining districts.
Benefits to Leadville and Lake County
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Improving water quality at the headwaters of the Arkansas River

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Restoring the land to pre-mining, natural conditions

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Creating local jobs, and purchasing goods and services for economic growth in the area

Slag Pile Removal and Reuse

CJK is also planning to remove the large piles of slag material located just south of town.

Safety and Environmental Protection


CJK Milling is committed to the health and safety of the community and environment.

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