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Mine Waste Removal, Reuse and Restoration Process

The CJK Milling Mine Waste Remediation Plan
CJK Milling’s mine waste remediation plan consists of four basic steps. First, historic mine waste piles are removed from the environment. Second, these materials will be processed at the mill to recover gold and silver. Third, remaining waste materials are stored in an encapsulated, double-lined storage facility. The fourth and final step restores areas where mine waste piles were removed, using native grasses and trees, to return these areas to pre-mining conditions. 
Remove waste material from the environment 
Process it to recover viable quantities of gold and silver 
Store it in an encapsulated, double-lined storage facility 
Plant native grasses and trees 
Map of CJK Milling cleanup locations, mill and proposed haul routes
CJK Overview revised.png
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